This site began from a cynical question posed in a private forum:

"IF DACA recipients were allowed to stay in the USA—But lost VOTING RIGHTS for life, would Democrats still want them?"

This collection of thumbnail sketches provides the answer: "why would we NOT want these people?"   Each entry took the format:  "I want this person [photo/thumbnail sketch]... even if they can never vote*."   (*Voting is not the issue.)

What requirements do DACA recipients meet?

even if she can never vote. At the time of the photo, she was in 4 year nursing program, but she wants to become a physician's assistant or doctor. She has some of those plans on hold as she waits to see how the DACA situation works out. Her parents came to the US on a work visa and to seek life-saving medical treatment for her sister. They overstayed their visa, but on the positive side, their daughter has outlived her diagnosis by 13 years so far.

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