This site began from a cynical question posed in a private forum:

"IF DACA recipients were allowed to stay in the USA—But lost VOTING RIGHTS for life, would Democrats still want them?"

This collection of thumbnail sketches provides the answer: "why would we NOT want these people?"   Each entry took the format:  "I want this person [photo/thumbnail sketch]... even if they can never vote*."   (*Voting is not the issue.)

What requirements do DACA recipients meet?

even if he can never vote.  At the time of the photo, he was one semester away from graduating from University of Maryland with a biochemistry degree, with plans to go further and become a medical researcher or pharmacist. While he was in high school, his parents were deported to Bangladesh after their asylum case was denied. His mother was a college professor. Through the support of his church and friends, he had a good lawyer who arranged for temporary status for him, and then in 2012, the DACA program was created.

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